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Charity Makaya

Project type

Mixed Media



My name is Charity Makaya and I am a passionate mixed-media artist dedicated to sharing my love for art with the world. I use vibrant colours, bold textures, and heartfelt creativity to create unique and captivating mixed-media artwork.

After years of exploring various creative paths—from fashion designing and pattern cutting to working with textiles and modelling—I discovered that my true calling lies in the world of art. Despite my initial ventures, I often found myself returning to the canvas, unable to resist the allure of painting. In 2018, I made a life-changing decision to embrace my passion for art fully, and thus, Nenyasha Cherish Arts was born.

The name "Nenyasha" holds deep significance; it is a Shona (Zimbabwean) name meaning "With Grace." This grace is reflected in every piece I create, as I pour my heart and soul into my work. Art is not just what I do—it's my passion, my joy, and my way of connecting with the world.

My artwork is a fusion of influences drawn from various aspects of life. Interior decor, architecture, and the beauty of nature often serve as the starting points for my creations. Additionally, my Zimbabwean heritage profoundly shapes my artistic vision, infusing my work with rich cultural elements and vibrant stories.

People, their emotions, and their interactions inspire me deeply. I am fascinated by how individuals react in different situations and by the small, often overlooked details of everyday life. These inspirations come together to create artwork that resonates with emotion, beauty, and a unique perspective.

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