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Fiona Norton & Glennis Andrews - 'Creative Recycling'

Project Type

Fused Recycled Glass, Mixed Media, Ink, Collage,



....the Artists of Creative Recycling present inspiring, contemporary, concept driven work, harmonising skill and imagination in the process of recycling discarded waste materials into free-standing and framed artworks.

Contemporary in design, original and affordable.

In a creative and responsible way Creative Recycling tries to make something out of household and general waste matter. We do not try to re-use or make something out of every bit of waste nor use waste in every process. It is about a wider aspiration, and the intention to INSPIRE others to recycle whenever possible and promote sustainable living.
In addition to those materials which we recycle we use woods from SUSTAINABLE sources and avoid all toxic processes.

Whenever possible we buy locally to keep transportation to a minimum.

We devote extra time and labour costs to the collecting, sorting and cleaning of waste materials in preparation for the re-using processes for example
Paper Making, Collaging and Glass Fusing.
This enables us to fully respond to our commitment to recycle.

By working with waste we are promoting alternatives to landfill and incineration using thrown away paper, fabrics, plastics, metals, glass slate, brick, lead and and a variety of wood waste.

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