Framing Services

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Here at H.O.B Studio we offer a variety of framing techniques:

Canvas Stretching

Giclee print framing

Conservation framing

Dry Mounting

Fabric Art

Box frames for object framing

Sports memorabilia & shirts

We offer a domestic and commercial art framing service for the home, office, shops and galleries.


We specialise in creating beautiful hand made, custom gallery standard framesfor prints, film posters, fine art, paintings, photographs, objects, textiles, sports memorabilia and we stretch canvases.

Only sustainable, high quality woods, mounts and glass are used to ensure your prints or artwork are preserved and presented in the best possible way for you and the environment.

We don't use veneers and all frames are handmade onsite. 


Each bespoke frame is given a lifetime warranty.


At H.O.B Studio we only use wood from places where he knows the trees are being replaced and are managed forests with FSC certification.


We work primarily with oak, redwood, maple, ash, cherry, walnut and obeche to make our frames.

It all comes via a wood mill in Norfolk.


Most frames bought into UK retailers are from far-flung countries such as China or Brazil, leaving a hefty carbon footprint and deforestation behind them. We pride ourselves on offering an alternative solution for our customers.

Our processes

Each frame takes a minimum of 3 days to make using 100% natural products.

We cut the four sides to the frame from a single piece of wood moulding which can be chosen personally from the display options in store. 

We then glue and pin the frame together, fill the edges and sand it before applying a base coat.

After a secondary coat; which may be a wood stain or graffiti paint (with a wider range of colours), we finish it with beeswax or limewax.

It has to be left to dry at each stage, hence the timescale.

Contemporary framing solutions

We can provide contemporary options for alternative framing requirements. A current popular option is an additional thin frame within the mounting (mount slips), painted to compliment the colours in the artwork. This technique offers further depth and visual impact to pieces displayed.


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Real timbers

We only use sustainably sourced timbers directly supplied from the mill for our hand-made picture frames.


Acid free

We use acid free mounting boards and PH neutral tapes to secure your artwork as standard.

Heart with Wings


Each frame we make is hand sanded,finished and waxed in our Chorlton studio.

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Image by Jonny Caspari